Dwarfs were a race that lived mainly in Hyperborea and Chzlava, but could be found elsewhere. They preferred to live in mountains and caves.

Physiology Edit

Dwarf with cave dragon

A dwarven miner with a caged frog dragon.

Dwarfs were much shorter than other races (averaging out at about four feet), but were much stockier. They were much harrier than any other race (even the females), and their long beards were a major defining trait. Dwarfs also had shorter fingers and bigger noses than most men.

Culture Edit

Dwarfs were world-renowned for their prowess as blacksmiths and craftsmen. They strongly valued creativity, loyalty, ingenuity, and perseverance. Common professions for dwarfs included miner, blacksmith, architect, sculptor, and guard. Dwarfs primarily lived in mountain fortresses and underground burrows, and were proficient with earth magic.

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